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Huge commission on life time paid listing i.e. $500. You will be paid $500 each life time paid listing you refer that’s great !

you will be paid 1 usd per featured listing you

refer ! so what r u waiting for start now!

 Minimum payout $5 payments via paypal we pay


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If you are not an affiliate, you can join the affiliate program here:


At, we are more than happy to reward those who promote our products by offering them $ 1 for each featured listing you refer & $ 100 for each life time featured listing you refer.


Earn a $0.5 commission for each  1 month featured listing you refer.

Earn a $ 1 commission for each  3 months featured listing you refer.

Earn a $ 500 commission for each life time featured listing you refer.

Your own affiliate area with sales and earnings.

An opportunity to make an endless amount of cash each month.


How Does it Work?
As an affiliate member, you become our promoting partner. For every person you refer to our site that makes a purchase, you get a commission. The more people you refer, the better chances you have of making more money.
How Do I Promote
There are a number of different ways you can promote our products. The most popular is by linking to our site with text link.

How Much Money Can I Make?
There is no limit in the amount you can earn each month. The harder you work to promote us, the better chances you have of making more money.

How Will I Know if I Earned a Commission?
You will instantly be notified via email when a sale has taken place. You can always log into the affiliate area and check your earnings.

How Do I Get Paid?
All affiliate payments are made via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, please sign up for one first. It usually takes a few days for them to verify your information. You also need to make sure your PayPal email address is correctly entered within your profile. Any account incorrectly setup will not be paid for that cycle.

When are Payouts Made?
At the end of each week, we run a report to see how many affiliate sales were made. Assuming your affiliate commissions are valid (see “I Made a Sale but didn’t get Paid” below), payments for the prior month will then be sent to your PayPal account by the end of the next week. For example, if you had three sales in September, you will be paid by next week.

Is there a Minimum Payout Threshold?
yes there is $5 currently. We will deposit any money you earn in the next payment cycle.

Can I Earn Commissions from My Own Purchases?
No. You will not receive credit when purchasing a theme package through your own affiliate link. You may receive an automatic notification from us to let you know that a sale has taken place, but your affiliate payout will not include this amount. So don’t waste our time and try to be tricky by using another email address or some other clever method. It’s very easy for us to tell if someone purchased a product through their own affiliate link. Bottom line: If there is any question about the legitimacy of the affiliate sale, you will not be paid.

How Long Does the Affiliate Referral Last For?
Whenever a visitor clicks through your affiliate link, a 1-day cookie is set. If they make a purchase within those 1 day (and they don’t clear their cookies or click on a different affiliate link), you get credit for the sale.

How Does the Affiliate Cookie Work?
When someone clicks on your affiliate link, they are redirected to our website and a cookie is set with your affiliate id. As long as they don’t clear their cookies the sale will be credited to you.

I Made a Sale but didn’t get Paid
If you made a sale but never received payment for it, chances are it was either voided based on our audit or your affiliate account is incomplete. We must have a minimum of your full name, email address, country, and PayPal email address. If we suspect a fraudulent affiliate sale, the commission will not be paid out and the affiliate runs the risk of losing their affiliate account.We occasionally do make mistakes so if you have a valid case, please send our support team a message including the details of your transaction. Unpaid transactions older than 60 days cannot be disputed.

I Made a Sale but now it’s Showing up as a Credit
This usually means a purchase of one of our products was reversed due to a fraudulent transaction. Our payment gateway automatically refunds the money which means the commission you earned gets returned as well. We know, it sucks and we both lose out. It could also mean that the affiliate sale was reversed because it was not made following our affiliate guidelines.

Promotion Ideas
The great thing about affiliate programs is you can be as creative as you like. Most people take the easy route which is just placing affiliate links on their site and hope someone will eventually click on it. While this is fine, it’s not always the most effective method. Let us give you some insider marketing advice which we’ve learned from our years of online affiliate experience.

Take a two-prong approach when promoting Use banners on your site but also leverage the power of a blog post. Writing a review about and its products will not only get more traffic to your site but it’s more likely to generate an affiliate sale. Why? Because people are searching the web looking for product reviews before buying products. They are already in buying mode and if your review convinces them enough, they will click on YOUR affiliate link to buy our ptoducts.

Legal reserves the right to decline payments, suspend accounts, and/or terminate any affiliate user account without notice. This may be due to any fraudulent sale.